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Medical Insurance

With medical insurance, you are in a position to make use of the very best medical care at a time that suits you, and in the private hospital of your choice.

Yesterday we had the comfort of knowing that the public health system would look after us. Due to ever-increasing waiting lists, the public health system may be unable to accommodate your needs in the time you require.

Trauma Cover

While progress in modern medicine has reduced the likelihood of death after a serious illness (such as being diagnosed with a critical cancer), or suffering a heart attack or stroke, survivors are still faced with the financial impact of additional medical costs and lost income during their recovery.

These funds can take away financial pressures and allow you to concentrate on getting better, should such a traumatic illness occur.

Under many policies, once the Trauma Benefit has been claimed that portion of the policy ceases and no further coverage is available without medical reassessment. The Trauma Cover we recommend allows the cover to continue under certain conditions to cover all other Trauma events except the one claimed upon.

Total & Permanent Disability Cover - TPD

A permanent disability affects more than just your physical body. In addition to being unable to work permanently, loss of income can be as financially crippling as a serious illness or death.

This valuable benefit provides a lump sum to ensure all debts are cleared and any other costs are covered in the event you are permanently disabled.