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Our team of experts will pleasantly surprise you with what we can achieve,
discover how we can contribute value to your financial situation.

Gary Palmer

Finance & Insurance Adviser

021 949 772

Gary has been a finance and insurance Advisor in the Financial Services Industry for 30 years.
During that time he has run his own Finance Company, placed many millions of dollars of lending and insurance cover as well as assisting many into their first home. He has even been involved in designing new insurance and lending products over the years.

With a wide range of contacts in the industry and experience managing his own and other business’ Gary is well placed to advise and design business and shareholder insurance packages.

Many clients have been surprised at the comprehensive levels of cover they can achieve for similar premiums that they have already been paying. Gary’s mantra is all about ensuring that the client is getting the best value for their premium dollar.

Sometimes that means redesigning existing insurance packages or getting insurers to offer new ones. Almost any situation can be insured, it’s just a matter of finding a reputable insurer and striking a rate.

Putting together commercial finance packages for developers or those adding to their Investment portfolio takes more than being able to crunch numbers.

Having long term relationships with the lenders is also critical and with 30 years of experience, Gary certainly has these and is happy to use them to his client’s advantage.

Bobby Chua

Senior Insurance Adviser

021 239 5335

Bobby came to Peak from a career in nursing.
Since 2015 when he joined us this has been a huge benefit to our clients as it enables him to converse with expert knowledge about any conditions they might currently have.
It has already proven its worth with his ability to negotiate terms with our underwriters.

It has also proven exceptionally valuable when clients have had to claim on their Medical or Trauma Cover.
Because of his in-depth knowledge of both the medical terminology and the Insurance industry he can ensure that everything the insurer needs to approve a claim is submitted immediately making the process quick and stress-free for the client.

Bobby is a dedicated family man who fully appreciates the value of insurance in protecting his young family.

Laarnie Genosa-Tagalog

Insurance Adviser

022 340 0684

I’m Laarnie and I am from the Philippines. I am a registered nurse based in Hamilton. I have been living here in NZ with my family for more than 8 years.

My goal is to help clients by ensuring the best insurance products that meet their family’s/individual needs as well as helping them in stressful times that they have to make a claim.

With my medical background, I am aiming to provide more comprehensive advice on insurance products especially those that relate to clients health needs.

Glenda Mag - Isa

Insurance Adviser


I’m Glenda, I’ve been a customer service representative for more than a decade. I’ve been living here in New Zealand since 2015 with the true blood of Pinoy.

This gives me exceptional skills in helping all types of people from different walks of life.

I have the integrity to achieve the best possible outcome and put a smile on my client’s faces knowing that they are getting the best insurance and financial advice.

I can help you get started, create, and achieve the best insurance that suits your financial goals.

I know you’ll have plenty of questions. How do I work? What do I offer?

I’d love to learn what’s important to you. I offer a FREE consultation.

Don’t hesitate, give me a call now!

Nielson Napila

Insurance Adviser

022 162 8813

Nielson is a lecturer in business and management. He has various experiences in dealing with tertiary students and adult learners from different PTE’s in New Zealand. Previously, a senior lecturer in philosophy, business and management.

His ability to deal with diverse culture and behaviours will bring an added advantage to his clients and make him one of the best New Zealand Registered Financial Advisors in dealing with his clients.

Nielson is married with 2 adult children and understands the value and need for protecting the family in a variety of different ways

Tyrone Pilican

Insurance Adviser

021 763129

Tyrone has come to Peak from a background in Immigration in NZ and as a University Lecturer in the Philippines.
He has degrees in Law, Philosophy and Public Administration so brings a varied set of skills to the Peak family.
He is married with a young family so is well aware of the benefits of sound financial advice.

Tyrone also has a passion for ensuring that his clients are well advised and looked after at claim time.

Richard Alonso

Insurance Adviser

021 1610 229

Richard is a Philippines Registered Nurse by trade. Although, in New Zealand, he stayed working in the Health industry as Phlebotomist.

This gives him a detailed understanding when it comes to medical terminology and the ability to discuss this in simpler ways for everyday people to better understand.

His wealth of knowledge in health and the healthcare system in New Zealand drives him to help people and provide what they need in times of crisis.

In his own words

“I have been married for 5 years now and we are blessed with two beautiful daughters. My wife is a New Zealand Registered Nurse working in Northshore Hospital Elective Surgery Department. She comes home with stories I wish I could help with or better yet provide relief to families that are exhausted from processing requirements before they can have the surgery, unfortunately, most of the time re-scheduled. I have a young family and as immigrants, we do not have much family support here in NZ, that is why I value having insurance in place to look after me and my family when needed most”

Yukie Balanon

Insurance Adviser

021 0252 8759

Yukie is yet another Nurse from the Philippines to join the PEAK Family. She is hugely enthusiastic and energetic.
Yukie will go anywhere any time to visit her clients and make sure that they get the best service and products for their needs.
So far she has travelled as far south as Christchurch. She is very knowledgeable regarding the requirements of POLO for Filipino’s on the various Visa’s in NZ and works with them to make sure these requirements are met.
Like our other advisors Yukei passionate about ensuring that her countrymen (and women) are looked after properly and get the best service and products that are available

Amor Ochoa

Insurance Adviser

027 4615263

FSP 773331
I’m Amor, my name denotes something that maybe most of you know, and it is LOVE.
I do love to know the needs of my client before I can provide the best option that meets their requirements for an insurance product.
I think my experience as a travel agent has helped me to do my thing.
A more personalized approach is what I can offer to make sure that my clients get what is best for them and satisfied with the option they chose.
LOVE (AMOR in Spanish) is the key.

Billig Marzan

Finance & Insurance Adviser

021 1694121

I allocate most of my time advising my clientele on how to best structure their financial securities such as their Insurances, Mortgages, and Kiwisaver. My clients often mentioned that even though I may look younger compared to some of my peers, I have the knowledge and experience to give them competent advice.

Time and time again, I have seen and heard many stories from clients, the lack thereof and “no real advice” on their insurance and was just bombarded with words they could not understand. They are either paying too much (overinsured) or too little (underinsured) and getting poor policy wordings and did not explain the effect of poor policy wordings upon claim time.

As a Mortgage adviser, “our job is to get the best possible rates and cash incentives for our clients”. However, what we are really advising is the advice on how to best structure your loan. We approach it holistically which really gives us the word of mouth referrals from our clients. Thus, referring us to their family and friends.

Here at Peak Financial Services, we work for you! and we want to build a long-lasting relationship.

As independent advisers, you won’t need to spend countless hours searching for the right banks for your mortgages and company for your insurances to get the right tailored plan for you and your family.

I am one phone call and one email away.

Helen Zheng

Chinese Relationship Manager

021 822 080

Helen is our new Chinese Relationship Manager
Having worked in the insurance and financial advisory industry for several years she is ideally suited to working with and solving any issues our growing pool of Chinese clients may have.
Helen has a great deal of knowledge around all matters financial so please feel free to email her with any questions.

Hi Gary, Thanks again for all of your help with this - you really went above and beyond again with this & Nick and I are very grateful for your help. The policies you set us up with a number of years ago have well and truly paid off for us - ten times over!!! I remember signing them all those years ago thinking - "We're so fit & healthy, we'll never need cover for those sorts of things", little did I know then that 'fit & healthy' people can still get sick & still get payouts like that. Anyway, I can't say thank you enough for what you've done for us!

Ang (and Nick)

Laarnie is very knowledgeable and approachable. Thanks to her we got the best coverage within our price range. I really appreciated that she fully explained to us our options so we felt that we made an informed choice. I was so impressed with her service that I recommend her to all my family and friends.

Ana Z

Thank you for helping us understand our life insurance. You have been very patient in explaining us the details of it. You went the extra mile to accomodate us. Tailored our insurance to suit our needs. We really appreciate all the things you have done despite that we only had our discussion on phone and thru email it did not hinder us to trust you as our financial adviser. Easy to get hold of and fast reply. Would highly recommend you to others.

Mr. and Mrs. Lim

Thank you very much Bobby Chua for making an extra effort in assisting us in acquiring our life insurance. It was more than just ticking the boxes, you expounding its details very well to us. We feel we are well looked after with your professional advice. Once again , Thank you very much Bobby. Highly Recommended to all 🙂

F. Baring

Laarnie has a very friendly and professional approach with her clients. She works with integrity to provide sound advice and guidance. I am delighted with Laarnies' service! I highly recommend her service whenever possible. I feel I am well looked after 🙂

Jaque S

Kia ora, Gary. I hope that this finds you well. Imo and I have been in our lovely house for 6 months now. I just wanted to write and to say thank you for your support and guidance on our journey towards home ownership. I passed on your details to several people, I am not sure that many of them were ready to make the leap. We are glad that we did. Best wishes.