Gary has been a Finance and insurance Advisor in the Financial Services Industry for 30 years.

During that time he has run his own Finance Company, placed many millions of dollars of lending and insurance cover as well as assisting many into their first home.

He has even been involved in designing new insurance and lending products over the years.

With a wide range of contacts in the Industry and experience managing his own and other business’ Gary is well placed to advise and design business and shareholder insurance packages.

Many clients have been surprised at the comprehensive levels of cover they can achieve for similar premiums that they have already been paying.

Gary’s mantra is all about ensuring that the client is getting the best value for their premium dollar.

Sometimes that means redesigning existing insurance packages or getting insurers to offer new ones. Almost any situation can be insured, it’s just a matter of finding a reputable insurer and striking a rate.

Putting together commercial finance packages for developers or those adding to their Investment portfolio takes more than being able to crunch numbers.

Having long term relationships with the lenders is also critical and with 30 years experience, Gary certainly has these and is happy to use them to his clients advantage.


Bobby came to Peak from a career in nursing.
Since 2015 when he joined us this has been a huge benefit to our clients as it enables him to converse with expert knowledge about any conditions they might currently have.
It has already proven its worth with his ability to negotiate terms with our underwriters.

It has also proven exceptionally valuable when clients have had to claim on their Medical or Trauma Cover.
Because of his in depth knowledge of both the medical terminology and the Insurance industry he can ensure that everything the insurer needs to approve a claim
is submitted immediately making the process quick and stress free for the client.

Bobby is a dedicated family man who fully appreciates the value of insurance in protecting his young family.



Yukie is yet another Nurse from the Phillipines to join the PEAK Family. She is hugely enthusiastic and energetic.

Yukie will go anywhere any time to visit her clients and make sure that they get the best service and products for their needs.

So far she has travelled as far south as Christchurch. She is very knowledgeable regarding the requirements of POLO for Filipino’s on the various Visa’s in NZ and works with them to make sure these requirements are met.

Like our other advisors Yukei passionate about ensuring that her countrymen (and women) are looked after properly and get the best service and products that are available



Richard is Philippines Registered Nurse by trade. Although, in New Zealand he stayed working in the Health industry as Phlebotomist.

This gives him a detailed understanding when it comes to medical terminology and the ability to discuss this in simpler ways for everyday people to better understand.

His wealth of knowledge in health and the healthcare system in New Zealand drives him to help people and provide what they need in times of crisis.


I am married for 5 years now and we are blessed with two beautiful daughters. My wife is a New Zealand Registered Nurse working in Northshore Hospital Elective Surgery Department. She comes home with stories I wish I could help with or better yet provide relief to families that are exhausted from processing requirements before they can have the surgery, unfortunately, most of the time re-scheduled. I have a young family and as immigrants, we do not have much family support here in NZ, that is why I value having insurance in place to look after me and my family when needed most



I’m Laarnie and I am from the Philippines. I am a registered nurse based in Hamilton. I have been living here in NZ with my family for more than 8 years.

My goal is to help clients from ensuring the best insurance products that meet their family’s/individual needs as well as helping them in stressful times that they have to make a claim.

With my medical background, I am aiming to provide a more comprehensive advice on insurance products specially those that relate with clients health needs.

Nielson Image


Nielson is a lecturer in business and management. He has various experience in dealing with tertiary students and adult learners from different PTE’s in New Zealand. Previously, a senior lecturer in philosophy, business and management.

His ability to deal with diverse culture and behaviours will bring an added advantage to his clients and make him one of the best New Zealand Registered Financial Advisors in dealing with his clients.

Nielson is married with 2 adult children and understands the value and need for protecting the family in a variety of different ways



Jonny comes to us from a career as a commercial pilot and with the short term future of air travel in doubt he is taking the opportunity to make a career change.

He was also a Peak client who worked closely with our director to manage the funding and completion of his new home in Riverhead.

It was this experience that lead him to following this path.

Jonny is working through the various qualifications and will shortly be operating in the Mortgage space as well as personal risk and Kiwisaver.

Jonny is married with 2 children and is looking forward to his new career path and maybe getting his golf handicap back to where it was.



Tyrone has come to Peak from a background in Immigration in NZ and a University Lecturer in the Phillipines.
He has degrees in Law, Philosophy and Public Administration so brings a varied set of skills to the Peak family.
He is married with a young family so is well aware of the benefits of sound financial advice.

Tyrone also has a passion for ensuring that his clients are well advised and looked after at claim time.